Work rides provides consistent, reliable and timely transportation services to those who need it.

Only the beginning.

Work Rides is striving to address issues affecting disadvantaged communities.

The #1 determinant for upward mobility: reliable transportation.

Access to reliable transportation leads to economic empowerment.

Studies have consistently shown that reliable transportation to and from work is the single greatest contributor to escaping the cycle of poverty.

Access to just about everything associated with upward mobility and economic progress—jobs, quality food, and goods (at reasonable prices), healthcare, and schooling— relies on the ability to get around in an efficient way, and for an affordable price.

- The Atlantic

We're here to help

Work Rides is currently working with businesses and communities to lessen the economic burdens that riders face when performing daily tasks that require transportation.

Helping to reduce food insecurity.

We provide our riders access to healthier food options.

Food insecurity is caused by many issues. One issue is a phenomenon known as a food desert.

Food deserts are areas devoid of fresh food, such as fresh fruits, vegetables and non-processed meats.

The type of foods in such areas constitute highly processed foods which have extended shelf lives and are cheaper to retain at local convenient stores.

Work Rides seeks to mitigate the effects of food deserts by providing dedicated transportation options to supermarkets, farmers markets and food share networks.