Who we are.

Work rides is a non-profit organization founded in Newberry South Carolina to address the needs of service workers who have limited and/or highly unreliable means to get to and from work. We’ve expanded our scope to include transportation to other destinations in the community, like libraries, post offices, medical offices, grocery stores and job interviews.

Our mission is to provide support for those who go through tremendous obstacles just to cover their basic needs. Removing these obstacles reduces psychological stress and allows individuals to climb the economic ladder, leading to emotional fulfillment and economic empowerment.

Who we serve.

We serve workers, who suffer economic uncertainty due to inconsistent, unreliable transportation.

We serve communities by making sure those who live in them have access to opportunities that were previously unavailable due to transportation constraints.

We serve businesses, who reap the econmic benefits from employees who can now consistently and reliably show up for work on time.